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I recently got into Hollow Knight, and I must say that the soundtrack of this game absolutely blew me away. I've been absolutely hooked on this games these past few weeks, with about 35 hours logged on the game as of the publish date of this song. Hornet's theme is one of my favorite pieces, with it's complexity and repetition, it's the definition of Video Game music that's meant to get stuck in your head. I plan to print this out and play it on my own music box, and I hope you enjoy it. With the help of YouTube videos and completely transcribing the song onto sheet music, I've managed to put this together.

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Definitely an underrated song in Super Mario Galaxy. It was only ever used in one galaxy and it was a 1 star galaxy (2 if you count the green star), so I wanted to show this song some love by recreating it as music box music. Enjoy!

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(Unfinished) Legit the only Hatsune Miku songs I genuinely enjoy. I think vocaloid in general is kinda creepy, but the melody of this song is quite catchy.

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Rodrigues on Nov. 9, 2019, 5:46 p.m.

Alguém do Brasil aqui? Me ajude, será minha primeira vez. Nem sei por onde começar.

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