FangnotFnick's melodies

FR60 115 895

Now get to planting!

FR60 110 1220

A huge wave of zombies is approaching!

FR60 105 840 1

Well... Here you go.

FR60 115 1072

I wasn't planning on making this, but I started it and then I finished it. It's not perfect, but it's something.

FR60 125 1064 1

This was actually pretty easy to make.

FR60 135 1040

I just figured why not? It sounds kinda nice though. It was actually a little tricky to complete, but I did it.

FR60 120 1184

It had to be done. And now it is. You're welcome.

FR60 110 928

No one asked for this, but I made it anyway because I could.

FR60 105 1480

After a few trial and errors, I managed to get this almost perfect. I can't believe it even fit within the length. The tempo was what made it tricky. But I think it sounds great nonetheless.

FR60 70 579 7

Make sure you have an umbrella.

FR60 145 456

Since this is everyone's favorite K.K. song, here it is in perfect music box style.

FR60 80 680 14

FR60 80 616 2

Since everyone likes K.K. so much.

FR60 105 509

Cute town melody from my favorite region. Go Unova!

FR60 110 451

I love this song, so here it is in music box style!

FR60 110 384

One of my favorite town tunes in the Unova region. Hope you enjoy the music box version! (This was a bit of a struggle to make, and I hope I got some of the notes right. I think it's pretty spot on.)

FR60 100 948

Relaxing little melody from the Unova Region.

FR60 110 1500

Thankfully, this was easier to create and is definitely on my list of favorite songs I've made so far.

FR60 105 2048

A re-edit of the same song I did before. And probably the longest song I've made. I didn't even know the editor had a limit, so there are a few alterations. But I'm very satisfied with the result.

FR60 100 976

Took me all day to finish, had to improvise here and there. But I'm glad I got it done. Sounds perfect.

FR60 110 1960

Last time I attempted to create this, I didn't save and my stupid keyboard 'shortcut' made me go back on accident and I lost it all as I was about to finish it. But now I'm glad that I finally made it and it sounds wonderful.

FR60 70 1112 2

Took all day to make, with a few longer breaks and spaces, but I think it still works nicely. Been meaning to make this one for a while.

FR60 85 784

It took a little longer to make than expected, but it the end it turned out beautifully. I am very satisfied with how this came out.

FR60 85 1070 7

Didn't take me too long to finish it. I think it sounds pretty good. And there will be more that follows!