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WIP. It's short right now because I just don't have the steam to chug through the whole song but! If you just loop this it's pretty darn close. For a friend.

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Ahh, so many notes! Took me six hours. Adapted from the original theme by Uematsu Nobuo (Western order: Nobuo Uematsu). I wrote this all out 95% by ear alone, using Synthesia videos to identify the different parts. Would be a tad longer, but the length limit wouldn't fit the actual end of the piece. Hopefully it's not too finicky, it's hard to go in and adjust large groups of notes. A bit bumpy at the end, too many notes for me to desire fixing it. Post-publish revisions are now finished at of 10:17 PM EST.

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I saw that no one ever tackled this one. Three published melodies of "Midna's Lament," but none of her actually theme. I wish it sounded a little better, but the parts just wouldn't all fit on here right. Adapted from the original piece by Kondō Kōji (Koji Kondo). Original song is not mine, and belongs to the spectacular composer as credited in the title. I may come back to revise this piece later, but I doubt I will.

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