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Listen in clone for a perfect loop :) Oh, lord, have I been mass producing songs today! I had a whole school day of free time, due to staying back from a field trip. Anyway... I will probably do more FNaF OSTs today! :)

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You're gonna die, I'm gonna kill you. You're gonna die, I'm gonna Kill you.

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I am really proud of this! this is the original! pls do not clone without giving me credit, this took me forever!

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MySunSshine57 on June 1, 2023, 8:34 a.m.

Are there any FNaF OSTs or music boxes anyone would like me to make?
I will most likely be able to do them because I'm pretty familiar with them, thus it's pretty easy.

Right Now, I am currently working on "Turtle Crusher" (FNaF S.L.), "No Where To Run" (FNaF 6), and "Caught In a Loop" (FNaF S.B. Princess Quest OST)

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