WakalaXunga's melodies

GI30 150 384

I got this song in my head stuck and thought it might go well for a music box.

GI30 105 328

My interpretation of this beautiful piece for a music box.

K15 87 96 2

For k15 notes! Short version that fits in one single sheet.

GI30 160 672

The supermario games have amazing music and this one is one of my favourites.

GI30 112 912

I need help. I dont know how to improve this. There are still some places where its a bit awkward but i dont know what to do. Any criticism is welcome ^^

GI30 100 416 2

Now playable on you 30 notes music box!

GI30 60 295

In the section labeled "16" you could put a G# in between the 3rd and 4th notes to be more similar to the original one. Also, you can keep the red notes (even if the box doesn`t play them) and they wont mess it up, or just avoid them, its the same (remember to only avoid the RED ones, not the first ones). Hope you like it.

K15 90 88

Happy birthday :)