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GI30F 60 414 1

(copied and converted to and actually playable "midi" without double notes which can´t be played with a Music Box). Playable with a 30 Note Music Box, I was more or less able to convert the original 60 notes to 30.

GI30F 66 256 26

A close to the original rendition of the Great Fairy's Fountain song from The Legend of Zelda, converted to Grand Illusions 30 (F scale). Fully playable.

GI30 78 400

Composition of the Pokemon League (Day) song that plays in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Made sure it fit into the range of a 30 note music box, and actually made a strip for my own music box to play in person. Word of advice, if you plan to use this piece as a guide for punching your own strip of music, minimize the distance between the notes within the editor. It'll save you a lot of paper, and I made sure that there were no unplayable notes within the minimized version of the song [may not hold true if your hole punching is not accurate, or your music box differs from mine]. Thank you, and happy listening.