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This is my most recent melody I've made. Only last month. Since I've been posting a lot of older melodies I figured I should post a newer one, too! I really miss creating story pitches but I have so many i'm scared to start more! XD I have so many things I work on now, and so many accounts to weird different sites. It's a little funny how it all more or less started from this site. Music box maniacs is like a nice lil' home that's always nice to come back to! X3 I hope everyone's having a great day!

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A cover of Buy the stars. The full song. (If the site allowed it to go that far.) Converted by a moron that knows nothing of what they're doing trying to follow a piano tutorial. I...I really don't know if this is right. But, I need to publish it so I can download the midi, if all goes smoothly, so I can finish it! Why did I do this? Because I want to make a cover of this song with Oliver! And I couldn't find a MIDI of it, so I tried to make my own. With the help of Hugo Sellerberg. The person who made the video I followed along with! Also, it's too high! Needs to be an octave lower. But, all the notes didn't fit, and I didn't want to meddle. Because, I'm already going to have to lower the lyrical parts for Oliver to sing it. And I need all the notes for this. I guess making this here wasn't such I good plan...But, I enjoy working on this site the most!! X3 It's missing the last 20 seconds of the song......I couldn't get it to go any farther than 2048 in the length section... This saddened me...But, I NEED to finish this.There might be mistakes, feel free to point them out! But this will be worked on outside of MBM so I might already be aware of and fixed or being fixed. This is not my work. I just followed along to something. The song's not mine. This notations not mine. But the time I spent converting it here, was mine. XD Here's the video I was following along with, too! https://youtu.be/rCEfdwWooQc I hope everyone's having a nice day!! Edit: https://onlinesequencer.net/1403118

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{Made, 15/11/2019 but never posted.} I was just trying to make a melody with a more lullaby vibe to it. I don't know how I did with that, though! XD I don't have much to say, so, I hope everyone's having a great day/night! (#Save-the-smol-beanie-baby-boo-eyed-pixeled-Robo! 0-0 I don't know when they'll see this. Or if they'll even remember when they do. But, yeah...(0-0) They know...)

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Oh boy... First. This melody's too high! XD I don't like it! But, I just wanted to see what it sounded like here. I removed some of it. But it's mainly all there. Here's the link to what I originally did, if anyone is curious: https://onlinesequencer.net/1268902 So, today's the 21st of January. I feel pretty silly about this, but today is the day I joined MBM! :D It's been a full year. And i'm oddly excited about that! XD And for a lot of reasons, i'm unsure if I really want to get into in a melody description... But, all-in-all, I just really want to thank all of you. Thank-you guys for supporting me all this time, especially since, more or less, all of you have been there since I first joined. And since I really didn't know the first thing about what I was doing, it really, and still does mean a lot to me. I wish I would go into a small bit more detail, but I'm just not one who can do that...let's say, easily? But, to get to the point, thank-you guys for putting up with me, my story pitches, and for just making feel valid in general. I came here to learn about music creating so I could make Vocaloid songs. I truly didn't know the first thing about this. Nor did I expect to find anyone who would be, in any way nice, or encourage me. But, all of you supported me. With everything. Why, is something really don't know, it's something I sure as heck didn't, and still don't deserve, but, it truly does means the world to me! I'm happy I worked up the courage to finally join this site and post something. I'm happy I finally have something that nobody can take away from me. (Though, they try.) And i'm happy to say I got to know such talented and amazing people! I hope everyone's having a great day!

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It feels so weird not putting story pitches in my descriptions. But most of my story writing attention has been taken by one story, and I don't want to put any of it out! I've been changing the wording in some places too much for it to do any good! XD So these are going to be kind of empty! XD I hope everyone's having a good day!

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I don't know how to feel about this one. It's a bit too high at the end! But I kind of like that? It's got a bit of charm to it being in a higher range. So, guys! :D I have something a bit different for my description today! I feel it's common knowledge at this point that I tend to enjoy making up stories. And i'm going to talk about one of my stories today, but it's not even a pitch. It's in development! And it's making me realize just how bad my spelling truly is! XD This is part of what I've wrote already, it might change, might not. I just don't feel a connection with some of the names and such. But if any of you would like to see it more in detail, such as with the characters and such, here's a link. (Not recommended!) XD : https://kaleidiope.tumblr.com/post/189085071586/story-pitch-for-the-drawings-ive-been-doing "A world, Hanbano. Presumed to be, once a world of beauty, now a world of sand and sea. The small planet's moon was large enough to block the sun for decades. If not far longer. An eternal eclipse. Leaving the world to adapt to it's new conditions. For better, or worse. The world fell apart. But as all things will do, the world adapted. The people made the best of what they had. And the world didn't leave the people, truly, in the dark. "Starworms." A type of glowing water dwelling bug with bioluminescene, rumored to have magic inside their shell's, due to the evidence of life around the ponds they inhabit. They live in the water, and in the water far beneath the ground. Along with the "Starworms of the sky". A flying bug with a far fainter glow. rumored to be the souls of the dead. Other than stars themselves, they were the world's only source of light. "GlowCo." A company made for harvesting the Starworms. GlowCo took the Starworms and turned them into lights. GlowCo knew the world relied on their lights. Crazy with power, GlowCo charged great deals of pearls for their lights. Some people seen the damage it was doing, to the world, to the people, to the starworms themselves. And retaliated. They started wearing masks on one half of their face, so when there was no light, one eye would be adjusted to the darkness. The people who could afford lights rejected those with masks, and started calling them, "Off Ones". For they're seemingly "Off" logic. The Off Ones relied on the many small bodies of water about the world for light. Along with the deemed, deadly source, that was fire. The people lived in one city, but not together. Most "Without Masks" were anything and everything they dreamed of, while the Off Ones often became merchants. GlowCo was not fond of the Off Ones, They decided that if there is no natural light then they too, would have to buy their lights. GlowCo destroyed the city. And everything around it. Many things relied on the Starworms, they depleted too much, too fast. And destroyed that portion of the world. Those Without Masks moved on, and made a new city. While the Off Ones stayed. They wouldn't let GlowCo win. They stayed in and throughout the chaos. Their masks let them see, they weren't afraid to use fire as light. Both, something GlowCo couldn't do a thing about. With a old city in ruins and a new city on the rise, The two groups got farther apart with growing darkness in the world. And in their hearts." I hope everyone's having a great day!

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Sau·da·de /souˈdädə/ Noun (A feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Portuguese or Brazilian temperament.) (Made this a bit like the way I did Deep illusions.) Kind of want to make Oliver sing this! Been working on some lyrics for it, but it got too sad for my liking. Not that sad songs are bad, but I just wasn't feeling it. So now i'm changing some of it to be less sad and confusing! :D I feel that's the best way to put it. Also, I've been messing on this site. (Mainly because I'm not too fond of working with the software I have.) But for the pure heck of it: https://onlinesequencer.net/1248258 I think it sounds kind of 8-bit now. I hope everyone's having a great day!

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{Made, 13/09/2019 but was never posted.} Quartz dust, or silica, if you will. I can't re-call my goal for this one anymore. I just remember not liking it enough to want to post it when I made it. Why? I remember there also being a reason why I didn't like it, but I don't remember that reason either. I just know I wanted to keep it in my draft folder! XD I do remember this was just made as a test for changing instrumentals. Instead of having what would be the instrumental parts the very same thing over and over like a lot of my melodies have. Hope everyone's having a great day/night!

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{Made 05/09/2019, but never posted} And yet, I consider this a more recent melody. XD My whole goal for leaning about music was so I could hopefully understand and tune Vocaloids better. And, in hopes to one day, make an original Vocaloid song. So, I've tried to make lyrical parts, and instrumental parts. But, I never really know what it ends up sounding like. I can't say I can truly judge my own melodies without just immediately thinking it sucks, or just being so ear blind to it from hearing it so much while working on it. But, yep! Two melodies today! Well....It's actually 12:01 as of writing this, so it's a new day, which means the other one was posted yesterday....Ooh....Gosh heckin' dang-it! XD Ah well... I hope everyone's having a great night or day!

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(The rest of the chapter for Silver Casted. The non-mirror story. It will have a name soon, I promise! But what I was thinking of calling it doesn't seem to fit it as well as I thought it was going to, due to how this story is going.) You open the book. A piece of paper falls out of it. You pick it up. You put the book down, and pull all your attention to the paper. It's a code, at least, that's what it looks like to you. There's five marks on the paper. It's not numbers. But they don't look like letters, either. You look back at the lock box, it has five slots. You spin the dials inside the slots. They have the same marks. You match them up, and the box opens. You look inside the box. Papers, more papers. Filled on the front and back of the papers are the same type of marks. They make no sense. You start pulling out all the papers. There were only papers in the box, all that's left, is a mirror lining the bottom. Why would they hide and lock up papers no one could read?  You look back at the book, your name still front and center on the cover. You open the book. The same odd writing fills the book. But, on one page, there's different writing. This writing...You could read this writing. This writing's only backwards. The mirror in the box. You hold the book above the lock box and read the page. " The Guide. He'll help you. Trust him. And believe in what he shows you. He'll help you the best he can. Open your heart to him. More than you'll ever know rests in the hands of you and him." " Break the mirror. Time shouldn't be wasted. Too much already has been. Break the mirror. Start your journey. "  I hope everyone's having a nice day!

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The spook season! It's already so far gone! Only six more days before the one-big-spook, then it'll all be forgotten! XD And why am I upset about this!? I was never one for Halloween... I had four pieces of candy earlier and wound up feeling sick. Carving pumpkins feels terrible. I wore rubber gloves for it. I can't wear any make-up type things, no fake blood or anything of the sort. I've always been like this. All in all, though. With, or without fake blood, I still like dressing-up every year. Why? Because people love it! Especially older people! They look so happy to see someone in costume! And I don't know why! They'll ask to take pictures, and all sorts of things, even if they don't know who you're trying to be. (Which is every year.) Tried to make a spooky sounding melody. How'd I do? Trying to redeem myself with another attempt at a circus-y/carnival type sounding melody. The problem with starting with a theme for me, is it always starts sounding nothing like what I wanted, but it doesn't sound bad enough for me to scarp it and start again. So it just becomes what it is? I hope everyone's having a great day! ...Or should I say, a spooky day?

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I feel that this is a bit repetitive...Also, I feel I've been a bit inactive. And I apologize! (A continuation of Lazuli, the non-mirror story. Because I've had more amusement with it.:3 And I think I may change a bit of the other one. I also apologize for the weird split? This was a long part that didn't have a good place to split. If no one minds length, then I won't do the splits, but I feel it's easier to manage than a whole chapter.) "You place it back down, you can't find anything to turn it on. Maybe you were mistaken? Maybe it's something else? You continue looking through the room. It feels a little wrong being in someone's house you never knew. Let alone looking through their things. There's a desk, more or less, in the dead middle of the room. It has photo frames of other people you don't know, and a lock box. You don't see a key. You start looking through the draws of the desk. Nothing but papers and other office supplies in the first and second drawers. But in the third drawer, was a book. It wasn't a large book, nor small. A reasonably sized book, but the size wasn't the problem. On the front of the book, was your name. Your full name. Who was this person? How did they know you? What did, or should you say, what do they want from you? How do they know your name?" I hope everyone's having a great day!

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Had this in my drafts for a bit now. I think i'm happy enough with it to finally publish it! It was actually kind of fun, I don't really know why? Or how to explain it? But it was fun to work on! Kind of makes me think of a game set in winter, or a place in a game with a winter setting. Like Ankora, from Deiland! :D (I reference that game much more than I should! I'm so sorry!) XD I hope everyone's having a great day!

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(Oppish: Dropagoponop (pronounced drop-ag-op-an-op) The word for dragon in Oppish.) (Was made, 09/08/2019 and never posted.) The reason for it never being posted, I feel doesn't need explained! XD But, mainly, I hate it. It's loud, all over the place, and just, I don't like it. I really don't! Maybe it's not all that bad? Maybe it's just my head? That, I can't say I know. But, it was only a test that went too far. I made it and didn't like it, thought it was missing something. Decided to repeat the melody above it. Thought it was too high. So I repeated the melody below it. Thought it was too low. Decided to put it BOTH places! And regretted it dearly! XD And then I hid it deep in the depths of my draft folder. But, I've said this a lot now, that I don't wish to hide my mistakes or anything like that. Because my whole account is me learning about melody and music making. So, i'm going to try to post my older stuff more. Even though I don't like a lot of it! XD Also, this is the melody I took a screen shot of and used as a background for my tumblr. Annnd...I absolutely wasn't threatened with photos of Orcas if I didn't post a melody in a certain amount of time...No, wasn't threatened at all...Orcas and other sea-mammals don't scare me at all...And no one told me he'd start posting them to a DM if I didn't post this... XD I hope everyone's having a great day!!

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I don't know how I feel about this one, the A5 and C6 notes seem off in a few places. But changing them, or leaving them out doesn't really work for me either. I was messing about a while back, (I haven't decided if i'm going to publish it or not.) And oddly, it helped me. I don't really know how to explain it, but I feel I have a better grasp on making melodies now. (I've also found an UTAU I like, Kazehiki. I've been messing around with that program for a bit, too.) I hope everyone's having a great day!

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{Made 26/07/2019 but never posted.} "??? (Finished)" Yep. That's what it was called in my drafts. XD I don't know what I was thinking? But, i'm keeping it! Who am I to mess with past me's plans? If past me actually had any? A lot of these melodies were never posted because I just didn't know what to do with them. And decided to keep them until I did. But, then I never did... So, they just sat in my draft's getting old! And outdated. Which made me not want to post them because I felt I could do better. But, you've all heard that nonsense already, time-and-time again! But, since I now have a main focus story to work on, I don't really have any story pitches. Yes, this is for melodies, but i've gotten so use to writing stories for them it feels weird not to! But, it's always felt weird to leave these descriptions empty. Even though I don't tend to really think twice when others do. Once again, another story you've all heard time-and-time again! So, I guess I am still telling stories after all! XD Also, The reason it's called, "???" Is because I thought this sounded really....Messy? And just all over the place and, well...Bad? In general? (Ha! I actually remember!) So, I called it that because not even I knew what to think of it! XD I hope everyone's having a great day! (I have so many drafts the ones I consider finished I mark with "finished" and the others, with "WIP". That's why that's there. I'm not removing it. I think it looks funny for this one!) XD

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So, I had an idea. ( I'm not too sure how to word this.) You know how you can only place six notes on one line? Well, For some reason. I got it in my head to use as many as I could. BUT. While still having it sound presentable. ( I only made it to five. I failed.) I have no excuses for the insanity I made. XD All in all though, I do feel that this was a good thing. I really feel that I got a better grasp on making melodies due to it. So, Yay? I hope everyone's having a nice day!

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(Continuation of Lost repeat.{The non-mirror story.}) The house, like many houses, looked normal. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, all the normal rooms houses need. Looking, well, normal. Though, normal is never a good description for anything. What one considers normal, is many different things, to many different people. But for now, normal here means that the rest of the house would never have given away what you found. The things in the room looked like collectibles. All fitting to be called curio. Hand drawn maps of places in great detail. Props and replicas of ships, castles, even people. Old books bound with things no soul would begin to think would make good bindings. There were even skulls, that you hoped were just more replicas. But what caught your eye, was the sheer amount of books. Old, new, bound by wire, string, paperclips. And to make the whole room different from the rest of the house, was a large sky light, working as a covering for the room. You walk around the room, half in awe of the things this person has compiled. One thing, unlike the rest of the things that caught your attention, which was basically everything, looked too amusing to just look at.  It. It looked like a roomba. How wrong you were.  Curiosity. What a dangerous thing. At least, yours is dangerous. But in the defense of your curiosity, it could have been a lot worse. That's not exactly comforting. But no one said the truth would be. You pick it up. You turned it about looking to see if it could work. You couldn't find a button, switch, or any kind of piece to turn it on. I hope everyone is having a good day!

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I don't know why it's called what it is? It was most likely just a holding name, but i'm going to keep it! This was made sometime in July, I feel some notes could be changed around and it may sound nicer? I bet that's why it was still in my drafts. I've also decided to put one of my stories on a bit of a hiatus, to focus on another one. But i'm going to give out the main plot of that story. To give a better idea of it. I might do this with you other four other ones I have if no one minds. (I still don't really have a name for it, but it's the mirror one.) You have a mirror in your house, it's been there since you moved in. Why get rid of a free mirror? So, you kept it. One day you decided to clean it. and fell through it into the world on the other side. startled by a sound, you went back through. You got scared that if you could go though, what could come out? You arranged for it to be taken away. When the people got there, they yelled at you for wasting their time. They couldn't see it. You called a friend up to see if they could. They couldn't either. You touched it again, and once again, fell through. But this time, you can't get back. The reason being the king, Heiko. Is trying to close the portals that allow the worlds to connect, due to finding out some frighting information. Closing the portals is starting a war. The king's cousins, Ivo and Lark. Which are next in line to the throne, leave the kingdom to try to find a "friend" from long ago, in hope that, that "friend" can make things better. You find that "friend" when you fall through the second time. Now it's only a matter of finding one another. I hope everyone's having a great day!

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( Continuation of A mirror's secret. {That's right. I'm going to try. Even though I said it's going to be too long to be practical.}) "I am, alive. I'm alive. I shouldn't be alive. The ticking. The sound of life for me. I've heard it before. Back when I was running. Why wasn't I thrown out? The others that stopped ticking were. I don't even have to ask. I already know. The king's cousins like me. And won't allow me to rest. It's....nice....being alive. They've missed me. I can feel it. I've been slaved over. Slaved over for a long time. So much time, wasted. Trying to get me ticking again. There's bodies. Cold, shiny, plastic bodies. Those bodies. Those were my replacements. But those two young breathers, weren't fooled by any doppelganger. They know me. Who am I? I am a toy. A cold, shiny, plastic toy. Made for children. Or, that's what my line is. I have metal pieces. These pieces set me far apart from the others. I can walk. I have a tick. What's a tick? It's my heartbeat. That's what a tick is. It's what makes me alive. it's what makes me, me. And I, am, alive." (This bit of the story was taken out of the editor on Quotev. Where I've been writing it. I tried to fix the spacing, but it's still a bit off.) I hope everyone's having a good day!

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I know I already said this, but I'm just so happy to be making melodies again! XD This was the first thing I made being back. I even missed the site, even though I've only been on a few other sites, this is my favorite. By far. I tried going for a circus type melody, I don't know if that's the vibe it gives though. The ending seems sadder than I wanted. I hope everyone's having a great day!

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(Takes place before (Or after) What was written in 'Solace'.) {/͘͠ ͟͜e̸͘n̶̕á͞b̀͏̛l̴̴͝e͏ ͞'}-=-[M̕҉͘á̴̡r̶̢ķ̶s ̴_/T̀̀͞r̴ù̸̷e ̶̡.] {~T͏̡á̷͟k̡̕e͘ ~} [Recording Video] "....I guess I'll begin, since there's no need to know my name. I won't say. I'll be gone once you see this recording after all. This recording is a blessing. I never got half the decency of an explanation. Those are the rules of course. And before you say it, I realize. I very well could be ripping you from a good life. But trust me. This can't be forgotten. I won't leave you in the dark, though...The truth. I'm old. That's all there is to it. I can't do this forever. I know I mustn't let my learnings die with me. But who can I trust? And that's my problem. So, I've picked a name. With no known meaning for myself to put in my will. So this knowledge doesn't go in the wrong hands I've made you a companion. *CRASH*...The bugs will be gone once he's needed. The rules state I can't talk, see or help you. But I've found loopholes. Follow him. *BANG*...And it'll be alright. I hope everyone's having a good day!

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Alright, I don't really remember why I named this what it is? Ardently just means with passion. But i'm going to leave it. And, just real quick, I don't really know why I haven't published anything for awhile? It's almost been a month now. XD But, the best guess I have, is that I've been kind of keep thinking I can do better here recently? And, that's not bad, if I didn't think that way I wouldn't really be where I am skill wise? (If you could call it that.) But, something that I put in place when I first joined. Was that I wasn't going to hide anything. That's why a lot of my first melodies are a bit weird? Because I knew once I started using the draft system, I'd just keep everything in there. And, I am. I kind of forgot that this is where I learned and what you see is me learning as I go. I never didn't publish what I made, but I am now. And going to change that. This was made in august, last year of course. And this was a test. Back when I only used 20 and 15 note. I did the middle line, bottom and middle, and top, bottom and middle, then just top and middle.This really helped me oddly. It really helped me understand. Yet I never put it out. Until now. I hope everyone's having a good day!

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{Made, 09/06/2019 but never posted.} I really messed myself up by keeping so many melodies in my drafts for so long. 0-0 I no longer remember why they're named what they are, nor why they were made, what they were meant to be, what they were for. And so on, and so forth. But, as long as someone finds them to sound even half decent. Then all of it don't matter much in the end! If someone enjoys them, then there's no need to remember such things, it did it's job. It was enjoyed. Case closed and all that! And with that. Would...Would anyone mind if I just....Spam post about 5 other melodies today.? 0-0 You know, to help clean my draft folder? It is spring now! Spring cleaning of the draft folder! Get all my 2019 melodies posted no matter the reason for hiding them in the first place! This...Actually, sounds terrifying out loud....(0-0) ...Oh dear. I hope everyone's having a good day!

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{Made on 30/05/2019, but never posted.} Lachesism, the desire to be struck by disaster. Why did I name this that? That's something only past me knows, it seems. XD Yeah, I keep saying i'm going to post my older melodies. But then I never do, it seems the only way for me to be productive is by being low-key threatened by orcas in a DM. XD All-in-all, I feel most of the melodies I made, but never posted aren't, per se, the best? But, they did teach me a lot, and got me to the very basic understanding of music I have today! Also, yes, orcas, i'm afraid of orcas, and all sea mammals if i'm to be honest. I know, it's weird, it's silly, matter of fact, if that is, indeed, what you're thinking, I actually agree with you! I do! It's strange, I know. But, I'm still scared of them. If my fear of them is enough to be considered a phobia, is something I don't know. If it's cetaphobia, or, thalassophobia. That's something I also, don't know. All I know is that i'm scared boi and it works as great motivation! I hope you're all having a great day!

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Okay, this is going to be weird. So, I'm making a chat-bot! It's still has a long way to go, though. His name's Obeii. I hope that doesn't mean anything since I just made it up. The photo's just a photo I've had on my computer for sometime that I liked for some reason. He's a bit odd. I won't lie. Maybe even creepy? I hope not. He'll get a back story that I hope to setup through the questions. Why I bring this up? Because if anyone has sometime to waste, I need some help. If anyone would like, pop on the site and ask some random questions. As for, if he doesn't have an answer for said question, I get notified to fill it. And it's hard to think of random things. There's no need to, but if anyone would like: https://rebot.me/all?q=obeii I hope everyone's having a great day/night!

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"Your house always had a large mirror, that was their when you moved in. You never thought much about it. Until the one day you decided to clean it. It was getting a little dusty and so you got wet towel to clean it off. As you pressed on the mirror, you ended up falling through. You landed in a river. Well, more like a stream. As for, when you stood up, it only came to your ankles. behind you was a very small and calm waterfall. Was that what you fell through? The place looked so peaceful, you wondered if this place was here the entire time. You heard some rustling, and seen some movement, it startled you. You took a step back and fell through the waterfall and landed on the floor back in your house. You tried to press on the mirror again. But this time nothing happened." I hope everyone's having a nice day!

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Things seem to be okay now, (since it was due to weather) So I get to do melodies again! :D I missed making them. This one reminded me of an ending song. Like in a game and the story's wrapping up, the protagonist gets to go home and take a break from their tasks. An epilogue if you will. I hope everyone's having a nice day/night!

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(I'm tired.) I'm too sleepy to make a good description. Though, I can say that I can finally continue one of the stories I started. Now that I have the format worked out. I like narrative writing, with a bit of script. I'm not a fan of writing out conversations. Unless one character is the main character. Because then I can still write in someone's perspective. Now I just need to wake up. I hope everyone's having a good day! (Exult doesn't fit this melody. But I can't think of a word that does.)

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"Why?" "Why would they mention you? How did they know you, if you didn't know them?" "Why?" "It's one thing being called at an odd hour of the night. It's another being told that someone died. It's something hardly fathomable that whoever they were knew you, and you were the only one mentioned in the will." "It's something so unsettling to go to a funeral for someone you don't know. It's disturbing being handed the deed to a house for someone you never met. It's weird reading the name on the mail box that doesn't mean a thing to you. It's odd for this not to be a misunderstanding. It's strange knowing that this person has been in the hospital for three years with not a soul inside their house. yet there's not a speck of dust to be found. All the rooms are reasonably bare. You head upwards, to what would be an attic. Where what should be boxes of things long forgotten. Is a library, at least two stories tall. with numerous amounts of oddities. I hope everyone's having a good day!